Haywood County, North Carolina
- A Valley and It's History ~


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If Western North Carolina is God's Country; Cataloochee is the throne room.

Cataloochee, a word whose meaning is lost to time, is made up of three valleys: Big Cataloochee, Little Cataloochee and Caldwell Fork, and is located in Haywood County, NC. It was once an isolated, thriving, self-sufficient community, but is now part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

When you visit Cataloochee, take a few minutes to get out of your car and walk around. You may find the a pile stones that was once the foundation of a house, perhaps an old well or cemetery. Cataloochee was once a thriving, populated community where people were born, lived and died.

It is the purpose of this web site to tell you how Cataloochee came to be, about the people who lived there, why they left their homes and, perhaps, where they went.

If you have any information about Cataloochee or are a descendant of someone who lived there, I would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me!!!



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