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The End of Cataloochee
- 1866 to 1930 -

The End of Cataloochee, as they knew it, began in 1928, word was received that the U. S. Government had plans to buy Cataloochee from the residents and establish the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

The Government did pay them for their land. Most cashed their checks without argument, but a few sued and got a litte more money. Regardless of how they felt, the they pack up their belongings, said their good byes and left Cataloochee in tears.

Most bought farms and worked hard to make the land become productive. Having farmed in the rich fertile soil of Cataloochee, it was disappointing and frustrating to work dried up soil. But, they did the best they could.

Below is a list of those who moved out of Cataloochee and where some went:

Big Cataloochee

Charlie Ray Caldwell - Bethel
Dillard Caldwell - Bethel
Eldridge Caldwell - Maggie Valley
George Caldwell - Maggie Valley
Hiram Caldwell - Maggie Valley
Homer Caldwell - Waynesville
Hub Caldwell - Jonathan Creek then to Waynesville
Jim Caldwell - Ironduff
Lush Caldwell - Worked for park then retired to Maggie Valley
Norman Caldwell - Maggie Valley
Tommy Caldwell - Jonathan Creek
Arlo Parlmer - Lenoir
Charlie Palmer - Waynesville
Glenn Palmer - Crabtree
Gudger Palmer - Canton
Jarvis Palmer - Jonathan Creek then to Howell Mill Road, Waynesville
Kimsey Palmer - Ironduff
Milia Palmer - near Lake Junaluska then to Canton
Turkey George Palmer - Clyde
Vaughn Palmer - near Mooney Cove, Waynesville
Vinson Palmer - California
Will and Eleanor Palmer - Bethel
Steve Woody - did not move until 1942

Little Cataloochee

Eldridge and Bartlett Bennett - Franklin
George Bennett - North Georgia
Tyne Bennett - Sylva
Weaver Bennett - Cander
Jonah and Bob Brown - Little East Fork on the Pigeon River
John Burgess - Lenoir
Dock Burris - Lenoir
John Connard - New Port, Tennessee
Reverend Will Hall - Clay County
Burl McGaha - Waynesville
Flora Palmer Medford - Ironduff
Cal Messer - Costy, Tennessee
Dave Nelson - New Port, Tennessee
Carl Woody - Little East Fork on the Pigeon River
Sherman Woody - Dutch Cove (near Canton)

Caldwell Fork

John Caldwell - Jonathan Creek
Jim Evans - Hemphill
Elijah "Lige" Messer - Lenoir
Mack Messer - Lenoir
Bob Parton - Lenoir
Addie Sutton - Jonathan Creek
Harrison Sutton - Cove Creek
Jim Sutton - Jonathan Creek
Thad Sutton - Jonathan Creek

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